Avignonesi Da Di’ Rosso IGT (100% Sangiovese) – on request

Nose with intense and fascinating, precise and varietal aromas. Notes of cherry, ripe raspberries and currants are harmoniously intertwined with nuances of rosolio and wild strawberry. Viscous, dense, vibrant and explosive on the palate. The red fruits, morello cherries and black cherries, straightforward and sincere, come back to the palate and fill it with bright colors. The well-present tannin spreads out on the lips thus recalling the real and tenacious Sangiovese from Tuscany. The finish is the highest point of the encounter between freshness and sweetness, a combination that only terracotta wine can offer

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The winery is named after the Avignonesi family, the founders of the original estate. In 2009, Avignonesi was acquired by Virginie Saverys who has since introduced organic and biodynamic farming methods to craft distinct, genuine wines with an even stronger character, and has acquired additional vineyards and a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in the Montepulciano appellation. They believe that the life force of the earth and the uniqueness of the terroir are at the heart of their brand. Avignonesi is reborn from the soil of their vineyards with each vintage in wines that mirror the subtle flavours of the site and the special traits of each year. The wines express the richness and beauty of the Montepulciano territory. They respect the heritage of Montepulciano, where Sangiovese wines have been produced for centuries, and wish to contribute to its future by being the finest representative of its heritage that they can be.

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