Cave De Ribeauville Organic Pinot Gris

This Organic Pinot Gris has a intense nose with smoky aromas. Shart attack, well strucured mouth ending with a great balance, thanks to a mature and powerful acidity.

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Created in 1895, Cave de Ribeauvillé is based in one of the most famous Alsace villages, former Kingdom of the Counts of Ribeaupierre. Ribeauvillé, is located between Colmar and Strasbourg. Cave de Ribeauvillé has 100% parcel traceability, an environmental protection policy (organic or sustainable viticulture) and certfied organic by Ecocert. All wines 100% hand harvested.

“Every process is entirely dedicated to the quality of the grapes, so that they arrive in best shape to the press and can release their juice by a slow and respectful pressing. The vinification gives a maximum respect to the grape must, allowing the juice precious time to decant calmly and extract the clear juice. It will then ferment at its own pace for several weeks or even months. Thanks to the experience of our oenologist Evelyne Dondelinger, interventions adapted to organic wines allow the optimal expression of terroirs in our wines. Very regular tastings along with the winemakers allow us to appreciate the evolution of the wines.”

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Cave De Ribeauville Pinot Gris


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