Domaine de la Motte Old Vine Vielles Vignes Chablis

Domaine de la Motte’s Chablis Vieilles Vignes is produced from vines that are 40 years old or more. The lower yields allow a concentration of aromas and an exceptional roundness in the mouth. It goes perfectly with regional cheeses, such as Epoisse or Soumaintrain. It is a very rich wine that can be kept for a long time, which will delight lovers of old Chablis.

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The story begins in the 1960’s in the heart of the Chablis vineyard thanks to Henri Michaut who takes care of the fields, the cows and the vineyard at the same time. At that time, the vineyard represented 2 hectares. His three sons Jean, Christian & Bernard joined him in turn, starting with Jean in 1970, followed by Bernard in 1974 and Christian in 1990. At the same time, Claude Robin also joined the adventure alongside the Michaut brothers in the 1980s for several years, as did Guillaume Michaut, son of Christian, in 2005.
From the 1970s onwards, the Michaut family’s harvest was sold to the “La Chablisienne” cooperative cellar. This is a group of winegrowers who produce and sell wine made from the grapes of its members. During the 1990s, the estate grew and now has 25 hectares of vines. The Michaut brothers then decided to develop the sale of bottles from their own vinification. The wines are made and bottled at the estate: a success since in 2011 they leave the cooperative to sell the wines from their own production. Adrien, Bernard’s son, joined the estate in 2010 and is now the sole manager of Domaine de la Motte. Since his arrival, the estate has continued to grow and today represents 53 hectares of vines.





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