Fox Creek ‘Three Blocks’ Cabernet Sauvignon 

First produced in 2014, Three Blocks Cabernet Sauvignon epitomises Cabernet in McLaren Vale—lifted varietal aroma, rich mid palate fruit and complex, well-ripened tannins that show power and structure. Fox Creek used the geology map, clone planting reports and a network of contacts around the region to identify potential vineyards that were suited to achieving the search for more elegant, stylish and varietal Cabernet fruit.

As the name implies, ‘Three Blocks‘ is sourced from three very different premium McLaren Vale vineyards each featuring different soil types; one vineyard has well drained sandy loam soils over silica sand and clay formation, the second, grey sand over North Maslin sandstone and the third featuring black Biscay clay over Pirramimma sandstone. Each vineyard batch was matured in oak specifically matched to these Cabernet vineyards from a range of French coopers. The batches were shifted between different oak types to impart layers of flavour and enhance the structure. The final blend used different percentages of each of the vineyard parcels to achieve the layers of flavour and tannin profile desired.

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Dr Jim Watts, a specialist and professor of surgery and his wife, (registered nurse) Helen began the Fox Creek story in 1984. They purchased a 32 hectare farming property in McLaren Vale and went about planting vines on the black clay soils. The Fox Creek ethic has always been based on respect for the land, a belief in using sustainable practices and a focus on producing outstanding wines in the vineyard. Their philosophy is to produce exceptionally high quality wines characteristic of the McLaren Vale region. Fox Creek implements many practices through their wine production to minimize long term enviormental impacts. Their cartons are made from recycable materials and all packaging elements (glass, caps, boxes & labels) are recycable. Rainwater is collected and stored in watertanks for winery use and winery wastewater is treated onsite.

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