Habitat Cabernet Merlot

The juice and skins of Cabernet and Merlot grapes are squeezed separately while still fresh. After gentle aging in oak they meld into a luscious brew of flavour and texture. A natural wine that is made with minimal intervention.This excellent Cabernet Merlot displays a bright garnet colour and ripe berry aromas, with rich plum flavours and a hint of mint. A flavoursome red wine that is soft and smooth on the palate.

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SE Australia

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About The Winery

The Habitat series of wines is sourced from sustainable farmed vineyards in Australia, to help minimise carbon impact. Winemaking is a natural process that relies on fruit from the grape vine habitat or “terroir” for quality and style. The wines are uncomplicated and easy to drink. Drawing on the natural beauty of Australia, The Habitat has an appeal that is authentically Australian.

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Habitat Cabernet Merlot


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