Julien Brocard La Boissonneuse Chablis AC

The terroir here is a millefeuille of clay and limestone, barded with fossils. Notes of honey, candied orange and green pepper on the nose. Lemony notes on the palate, with the same green pepper and candied orange. An intense wine, with a lingering, mentholated freshness.

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Julien Brocard has created a collection of Chablis grands vins titled ‘Les 7 Lieux’ (The Seven Places): seven wines, each soley from one of seven vineyards. Each Chablis vineyard differing in biodynamic practices, soil, location and sun exposure. Each of their vineyards are chosen for their quality, strength, sun exposure and terroir, are worked year after year following biodynamic principles. 7ème, Côte de Léchet, Les Vaudevey, Boissonneuse and Les Plantes (Petit Chablis) all impart a unique identity to the wines grown on them. 7ÈME is the wholly natural Chablis of the collection, cultivated using biodynamics and matured without filtering or the addition of sulphites, yeast or finings.

The wines are produced following an ethical, sustainable quality process for viticulture and winegrowing. Biodynamics has been a part of the Brocard’s history since 1997. The grapes come from plots that have not been treated with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers for at least three years. This vineyard is cultivated with biodynamic preparations containing cow manure, silica and herbs, sprayed on as decoctions or compost teas to protect and fortify the soil and vines. Great care is taken to produce every bottle; each is wax dipped by hand.

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