Kangarilla Road Primitivo 

Dark richly perfumed cherries and intensely fragrant strawberry jelly greet you followed by the scent of perfumed dark roses with hints of tea and orangeoil.The palate is spicy and reminiscent of chai tea. Evocative flavours of a rich tagine with expressions of orange oil and truffle notes all entwine with dark sweet berry fruit.

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McLaren Vale

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About The Winery

Kangarilla Road is a member of Sustainable Winegrowers of Australia. We have always believed in having an environmentally conscience and in the long term sustainability of our vineyards. It is just something that makes sense.

Our wines are made in a nurturing manner with care and attention to detail. We want to get the very most from the grapes in order to make the best wines possible in the style that we all love. Wines that have varietal integrity as reflected by the individual leaves. They are sometimes diverse but always approachable, authentic, consistent and delicious.

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Kangarilla Road 2017 Primitivo


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