Kellerei Kaltern ‘Classico’ Pinot Bianco

A brilliant yellow – fresh and fruit-dominated nose, with overtones of Golden Delicious apples, pears and quince – juicy with a pleasing acidity and fruit-basket aromas on the finish

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Alto Adige

About The Winery

Wines from the lake -Kellerei Kaltern – Caldaro it’s a co-op winery of 400 associates that look after the almost 300 Ha of vineyards. The co-op is a landmark for the wines produced in the Caldaro Lake area and the wine under the famous appellation of “Kalterersee” travels the world. They offer moments of relaxed, light heartedness and trigger the wanderlust of experience this unique Region. The winery gets deeply involved in the preservation of the local traditions, the rural culture and the land of Caldaro as a whole, land which has always been heritage of the locals.

In 2019 Kellerei Kaltern became a certfied sustainable winery by Fair ‘n Green; an established sustainability certificate in winegrowing.

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download tasting note

Kellerei Kaltern Pinot Bianco


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