L.A.S Vino Chardonnay

The wine is pale straw in colour. Subtle, elegant and delicate on the nose with butterscotch, vanilla, apple and stone fruit aromas. In the mouth, the wine is light and delicate with citrus and apple flavours, a mild creaminess and a long, smooth finish. Balance was what we were looking for with this years Chardonnay. Balance of fruit, flavour, acidity, aroma and oak. The wine has layers of flavour almost tell a story. It’s light yet structured, it’s elegant yet complex and has this subtlety but length that lingers on and on. The more you look at it, the more it gives.

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Margaret River

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Luck – Art – Science

Nic Peterkin, is the grandson of the late Diana Cullen (Cullen Wines) and the son of Mike Peterkin (Pierro). After graduating from Adelaide University with a Masters Degree in oenology, and travelling the world as a Flying Winemaker, he came back to roost in Margaret River with the ambition of making wines that are a little bit different, but also within the bounds of conventional oenological science. The intention is to keep the project small, and thus make only 200 dozen of each of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir (Albino Pinot) and Touriga Nacional (Pirate Blend). “The ethos I have followed making the wines is one of both quality and creativity. The aim is to make absolutely delicious, delectable and desirable drops and to discover new flavours in the world of wine. Our mantra is minimal intervention and where possible we aim to work with growers using sustainable vineyard methods. We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we enjoyed making them.”

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L.A.S Vino Chardonnay


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