Louis Max Meursault L’Or Blanc

Beautiful gold yellow robe, with green reflections.Aromas of flowers (hawthorn, lime tree), almond, hazelnut and minerality. Rich and lively in the mouth, it has a good balancebetween unctuousness and freshness. Well-structured, this is a wine made to mature for several years.

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Maison Louis Max has been passionately producing the fine wines of Burgundy since 1859. To produce the best wines, you need the best grapes. That’s why Louis Max chose organic viticulture, which is one of the fundamental principles of the winery.

“There are two objectives to our organic viticulture: protection of the environment, and quality enhancement. Organic viticulture allows us to focus on the quality rather than quantity, while protecting our soils and terroir. Sustainability is the key; we want to ensure the Domaine will be passed on to future generations in a better condition than ever. We love to share our passion for the finest wines of Burgundy with you!”

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Louis Max Meursault L’Or Blanc


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