Serengale Vineyard Merlot

100% barrel matured in French oak for 18 months with natural yeast fermentation and minimal handling. Aromas of ripe plum and cloves leading to flavours on the palate of soft tannins, tobacco, tar, plum and cocoa.

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About The Winery

Serengale is a small 6.5 hectare vineyard located in the famous granite hills of Beechworth Victoria. Established in 1999 by Gayle Taylor and Serena Abbinga the partnership concentrated on establishing a premium vineyard whilst honing their skills as vignerons believing that great wines originate from a great vineyard.

Over the years Serengale has produced a small volume of wine for local restaurants and outlets as well as supplying high quality grapes to a number of notable wineries such as Giaconda and Savaterre. It is time for Serengale to showcase the now mature vineyard. Using wild yeast, gentle handling and low intervention wine making techniques, Gayle focuses on expressing the season, the variety and the select areas of the vineyard, to make hand crafted wines that are a reflection of place.

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Serengale Merlot


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