Silent Noise ‘Nero d’Avola’ Rosé

Aromas of sunkissed fruit including slightly sharp rhubarb, perfumed lychees and zingy blood oranges are enhanced by a touch of creaminess. Initially the palate is all about bright zippy juicy acidity with a pretty herbaceous quality followed by the discovery of a lovely textural mouthfeel. The wine carries an intriguing mix of tropical fruits which linger blissfully. Sunny afternoons in the garden have never tasted better.

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McLaren Vale

About The Winery

“I grew up surrounded by vines and one of my first words was an attempt at tractor. I was hooked and I loved being involved in all the aspects of winemaking from the vineyards to the bottle. While it can be really hypnotic driving up and down the rows of the vineyard, a lot of winemaking is really loud. The harvesters, the crusher and the presses at the winery and the trucks and tractors coming and going – it can be very noisy.” – Charlie O’Brien


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