Smallfry Wines ‘Eklectic Violet’Grenache

Colour: Deep crimson.
Aroma: Dark cherries, blood plums.
Palate: Starts sweet and juicy then finishes with some dry herbs and tea.
Summary: Fills a niche with aplomb.

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Barossa Valley

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About The Winery

We both grew up on vineyards and after following various paths eventually it was to vineyards we returned. We met at Uni studying Viticulture, our eyes met over a petri dish swarming with saccharomyces, the rest is history. We planted our first vineyard ofRiesling,Shiraz and cabernet at Eden Valley in 1996, then in 2007 purchased the historical Shliebs Block at Vinevale. The Shliebs block is home to over 16 varieties with significant plantings of old vineShiraz,Grenache, Mataro, Semillon and Pedro Ximenes. There were also a few rows of Cinsault, red Semillon and Trousseau which we have since propagated to increase production of these treasures. Both vineyards are certified organic biodynamic since 2014.


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