Vickery Wines ‘Eden Valley’ Riesling

A powerful and well balanced palate –zesty lemon-lime citrus, regional minerality, with a touch of sherbet. A long crisp finish.

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Eden Valley

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About The Winery

Vickery Wines is the culmination of John Vickery’s half-century of winemaking experience, partnered alongside family friend and talented winemaker Phil Lehmann. Together they create Rieslings that showcase John’s extensive expertise with the most noble of white wine varieties.

It begins in the regions where John made his mark. Eden Valley in the Barossa and Watervale in the Clare Valley. It goes further into the sub-districts of these regions that John knows intimately, and partnering with growers who have the right vineyards in the right locations to produce the best possible fruit. Once fruit is picked at optimum ripeness, Phil and John employ the winemaking techniques that he has refined and perfected over time, to craft Rieslings that carry his signature style and fastidious quality standards.

The Vickery label is in effect, a time capsule for John’s wealth of winemaking knowledge. It allows his experience and winemaking techniques to be used without compromise, and then passed on to current and future generations of Riesling winemakers.

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Vickery Eden Valley


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