Villa Fresco Prosecco

Pale straw with a green hue, this NV prosecco has initial notes of apples and pears on the nose. As it opens up inthe glass there are subtle aromas of zesty limes and bread. The soft bead is apparent as you take your first sip, followed by flavours of granny smith apples and lemon zest. The finish is dry and refreshing with an abundance of citrus and hints of lychee.

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A superior sparkling wine. Madame Dumont is a delicate expression of French sparkling with aromas of lemon, citrus fruits & dried quince.

Alsacian wine is all about aromas. Floral and peachy smells fly out of the glass and many of the wines are unctuous enough to pair nicely with savory fowl, like roast quail. Alsace wines give the tingle of brilliant acidity but also offer a rich texture from moderate alcohol. The producers in Alsace rely on a balance of ripeness and alcohol to fill out the flavor.

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Villa Fresco Prosecco NV


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