Wild’s Gully Classic Dry Red

Fresh and soft, with vibrant cherry, blackcurrant, aniseed and earthy characters.

This wine is directed at wine lovers who are also sensitive or intolerant to sulfur added to most wines. As this wine does not have any preservatives added it is highly recommended to consume before late 2019. It is also highly recommended to keep this wine stored in the refrigerator until needed.

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King Valley

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About The Winery

Wild Wright, a bushranger, lost his horse and Ned Kelly offers to find her but she’s stolen goods. Ned gets 3 years. Wild Wright 18 months. Ned settles the score. 20 bare fisted rounds at the Beechworth Hotel. Ned gives Wild a hiding. A strong friendship follows in the legend of Ned Kelly

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Wild Gully Classic Dry Red


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