Wild’s Gully Heavenly Moscato

With a brilliant appearance tinged with green hues, it’s a light, aromatic and lusciously sweet wine presenting rich grapey flavours. It is soft on the palate and gently fizzy, with a lovely clean crisp finish

This wine was fermented under temperature controlled conditions to ensure maximum varietal expression of the fruit and to preserve a light spritz.

The fermentation was halted by chilling to achieve the ideal balance between sweetness, acidity and alcohol

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King Valley

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Wild Wright, a bushranger, lost his horse and Ned Kelly offers to find her but she’s stolen goods. Ned gets 3 years. Wild Wright 18 months. Ned settles the score. 20 bare fisted rounds at the Beechworth Hotel. Ned gives Wild a hiding. A strong friendship follows in the legend of Ned Kelly

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Wild Gully Heavenly Moscato


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