Wild’s Gully Rosso

An initial burst of predominately raspberry, plums and black currant fruit giving way to a soft full palate and finishing with a subtle spiciness and sweetness. A wonderful wine for many occasions!

Harvested from Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted in 1989. The fruit ripened fully before being picked in the cool of the early morning. The vines are grown on gravelly shallow soil and the vertical shoot positioned canopy is allowed to ballerina out to protect the fruit from the extremes of the summer sun.

The wine was fermented in a rotary fermenter and lightly pressed before fermentation ended to retain the wonderful fruit flavours.

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King Valley

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Wild Wright, a bushranger, lost his horse and Ned Kelly offers to find her but she’s stolen goods. Ned gets 3 years. Wild Wright 18 months. Ned settles the score. 20 bare fisted rounds at the Beechworth Hotel. Ned gives Wild a hiding. A strong friendship follows in the legend of Ned Kelly


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