Wild’s Gully Sauvignon Blanc

This light clean and crisp wine shows upfront lime and
some mineral characters. There is good intensity with a
lingering finish.

The grapes were machine harvested in the cool of the night to preserve the delicate fruit aromas and flavours. The fruit was gently crushed and pressed in to refrigerated stainless steel tanks. After settling and racking the juice was fermented using a number of yeast strains to promote flavour and structure.

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King Valley

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Wild Wright, a bushranger, lost his horse and Ned Kelly offers to find her but she’s stolen goods. Ned gets 3 years. Wild Wright 18 months. Ned settles the score. 20 bare fisted rounds at the Beechworth Hotel. Ned gives Wild a hiding. A strong friendship follows in the legend of Ned Kelly

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Wild Gully Sauvignon Blanc


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